institute for transacoustic research
institut für transakustische forschung


the institute for transacoustic research (german: institut für transakustische forschung, iftaf) was founded in 1998 to define and research transacoustics (german: transakustik). a crucial characteristic of transacoustic research is its interdisciplinary approach; it carries out science by means of art and art by means of science; methods and settings from both areas are combined to arrive at unique lines of connection and division.

transacoustic research is concerned with the peripheral effects and tangential areas of acoustics, with their borders to other areas of research. these contours and definitional borders are necessarily blurred and vague.

the question of the essence of transacoustics/transakustik is as impossible to answer as the question of art or philosophy's essence. the success, productivity and efficiency of transacoustic research do not depend on finding an answer to this question.

transacoustics/transakustik as such, does not exist; there is only transacoustic research, which constantly circles its imaginary core and thereby arrives at the most diverse results and realizations.

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we are going to perform at 20 jahre on january 11th, 2020. see here for more details

new projects are planned for 2020 and beyond! stay (un)tuned...

meanwhile you can have a look at the documentation of the transpeditionen project.