department pop

the department pop of the institute for transacoustic research is exploring the phenomenon of commercial and hypnotic impact of pop. the research focus lays on scrutinizing pop music's inherent musical structures as well as its sound design, arrangements and linguistic constructions.

to achieve these goals the department pop uses scientific and artistic methodes like deconstruction, disassociation, alienation, displacement, isolation and hedonistic eclecticism.

photos by Diego Mosca

line up

Singer-o-bot: Vocals
Matthias Meinharter: Feedbackbass, Donnerblechgitarre, Blitzkugel u.a.
Jörg Piringer: Stimme, Elektronik, Elektromagneten u.a.
Ernst Reitermaier: Schreibmaschine, Papierplattenspieler, Gummibandharfe u.a.