fremde dezibel in oberösterreich

soundinstallation at the 'festival der regionen 2001'

more than 30 interviews with migrants from various countries with different approaches of the german language were recorderd by MAIZ

the institute for transcoustic research used this sound material to compose short audio pieces that deal with the topics communication, language and migration..

these pieces were presented on six train stations in upper austria as 'talking travel bags'

attnang-puchheim – bahnhof: 29. –30. juni 2001
ottensheim – bahnhof:, 2. juli 2001
gmunden – bahnhof:. 3. juli 2001
braunau – bahnhof:, 4. juli 2001
schärding – bahnhof:, 5. juli 2001
steyr – bahnhof: 6. juli 2001