zero bending

2005, Galerija P74, Ljubljana, Slovenia

zero bending image1 zero bending image2

An imaginary seismogram investigates the field between language & drawing, static & dynamic, sound & image by mapping out the tensions between these conceptual tectonic plates.
A whole setup of dubious test arrangements constructed out of simple everyday materials such as wood, rubber, paper, and salt and sugar undermines conventional scientific forms of research and representation.
The visitors increase the local entropy of the fragile and potentially unstable system through their presence. Within a performance at the opening evening the transacoustic researchers will make the
daring attempt to evoke a microscopic earthquake triggered by acoustic frequencies.
Neither exact results of measurement nor well-founded diagrams offer a guideline through this field of experimentation, but the results of the prolific research can be seen and heard in the curved space of the gallery P74.

Materials: wood, dough, loudspeakers, tubes, laser, sound...

concept und realisation: nikolaus gansterer and jörg piringer
Curators: Sonja Zavrtanik, Tadej Pogacar