a bis z

an ambitious transacoustic hybrid between revue, concert and research set-up.

the institute for transacoustic research opens its archive! fragmentary narratives, acoustic absurdities and strange phenomena of perception, will be brought into an alphabetic order, so as to give some insights into what transacoustics could mean – a risky attempt to bring the world into a preliminary system.

punk and fluxus pair up by using quotations from microelectronics and the situationists as well as citations from john cage, dada and gilles deleuze.

sergej mohntau

in short experimental performances, videos, concerts and dance pieces this project guides through the transacoustic theory-construction along phrases such as boxing concert, digital duels, emptiness, failure, hearing loss, love, noise and much more.


dieb13, elffriede, nikolaus gansterer, stefan geissler, mariella greil, institut für transakustische forschung, barbara kaiser, kozekhoerlonsky, florian kmet, jan machacek, matthias meinharter, sergej mohntau, joerg piringer, bernadette reiter, ernst reitermaier, roman signer, erika storm, the vegetable orchestra, alexander wallner, tamara wilhelm , ua.

concept and realisation:
nikolaus gansterer, barbara kaiser, matthias meinharter, joerg piringer, ernst reitermaier, tamara wilhelm

(2004 in vienna at the festival wien modern)