outpost -
time based landscapes

Within the Outpost project the insitute for transacoustic research investigates the desert in the potential space between past and possible futures. Assuming that in the magnetic probability fields of micro-and macrosounds the last outpost of an observable reality is residing we construct several test arrangements to perceive this imaginable region.

outpost outpost

from this starting point digital and analogue sound processors orbit around a conceivable vastness.

outpost is an acoustic and visual expedition into the incertitude of eventualities.

for the performance set-up we developed together with the architect and pneu-specialist michael schultes a new pneumatic inflatable loudspeakers system. With which one could easily react to the local premises and conditions.

Performed at makNite,Vienna;stadtwerkstatt,Linz; hoerbar,Hamburg; poolbar, Feldkirch; rraum/ideoblast,Frankfurt; podewil, Berlin,...