an introduction into transacoustics in cut-up-text, sound and image.

'' the book text 'n theory jockey following circuits with translation and with simultaneous coupling of paradoxical informational cycles — translation mechanisms become visually palpable within the apparatus for the maintenance of theoretical balance with great ease, with eloquence and similitude as an intellectual balancing act in the crossover and overlap of linguistic as well as acoustic and graphic intersections, the theoretical feedback serves as a flow of information like a metaphorical bookmark in the encapsulation and weave of content. a firework over the amusement park smashes into the synapses' storm of ideas...''

translectures are one of the strategies to materilize and visualize the transacoustic paradoxon.

nikolaus gansterer: tautologic diagrams & live-drawings

matthias meinharter: audiovisual console

joerg piringer: translinguistic remix

ernst reitermaier: textcluster & theory-jockey

(2003-2004 at forum stadtpark graz, festival in potenza vienna, konzerthaus wien, mq wien, lothringer13 munich, aufhoeren festival vienna)